Visit The Cow at Chester County Library

Over the past year there’s been a lot of interest in The Guernsey Cow locally and on the web.

My brother, Kevin, measures The Cow

Last summer we helped some folks from West Whiteland Township Historical Commission with piecing together and cataloging the remnants of The Cow sign they have stored in a local barn.

Over the past many months, the Chester County Library main branch in Exton has been undergoing interior renovations. One result of their work is the newly installed wall seen below that memorializes The Guernsey Cow and its place in Exton history. Copy was provided by my brother, Brian at McGlinchey Communications.

Most of the images come from the various bins of material that my grandmother kept over the years. She and my grandfather would be very pleased to see and know that The Guernsey Cow remains in the hearts of many and that lots of new people will be introduced to something they and many others put their hearts and lives into for so many years.

photo provided by Jess Church, the designer at Merje who created the wall.

Stop by the library in Exton, get some books and look for The Cow!

One thought on “Visit The Cow at Chester County Library”

  1. As the Director of Chester County Library, I am very excited to have this mural as one of our new attractions. When Jess Church of MERJE suggested it, I thought it would be a great way to introduce some local history into the library. Although I am not a native of the Exton area (I only moved here in 1988), I am friends with Dale Polite, and I know this was a very popular place for people from all over the area to meet and enjoy their favorite treats. I want to thank Sean McGlinchey for his help with this project, and I hope everyone will take some time to stop in and see it. .

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