Thanks All!

Thanks to the West Whiteland Historical Commission, Chester County Parks & Recreation, the very accommodating folks at DNBFirst, and especially to the overwhelming number of people who came out for the Town Tours & Village Walks event tonight in Exton. It was an honor to be asked to share some history of The Guernsey Cow and I really appreciated the enthusiasm of everyone coming through.

My grandfather would be happy to know there are that many people out there who still remember The Cow and I know my grandmother will be thrilled to hear how many people made the trip out to see it all.

Whether you attended or not and you have photos of The Cow we’d appreciate you sharing them. You can get in touch with me at

(And if you know where The Cow’s head is, you can drop me a line at the same email address.)

Join in the West Chester Ice Cream Tattoo Quest Thurs June 26

The West Chester Guerilla Drive-In has teamed up with West Chester Dish to create a unique ice cream adventure in West Chester next Thursday evening. On June 26 at 6:30 PM, gather in front of the Chester County Courthouse The Lincoln Room around the corner from the Chester County Courthouse at 28 W. Market Street and receive an air-brushed ice cream tattoo and a scorecard.

Walk West Chester borough with friends, family or complete strangers to evaluate 5 different ice cream locations. Return to the Courthouse Lincoln Room when you are done (and had your fill of ice cream), hand in your completed scorecards and receive a flame tattoo to top off your ice cream tattoo. Your flaming cone will be the envy of all as you stroll the streets, beaches, and malls for days and show that you were able to eat ice cream in 5 locations in one evening AND rate them all.

Look for the vintage motorcycle with sidecar flying a banner resembling the flaming ice cream cone. For more details than you can shake a stick at, visit The Guerilla Drive-In Ice Cream Tattoo Quest page.

Chester County’s ice cream legacy is alive and well and having fun.

[update: I hope to be wearing my new Guernsey Cow Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream t-shirt, hot off the presses, for the quest. Get yours!]