Memorabilia: 1950s Postcard The Guernsey Cow Exton PA

The Guernsey Cow Exton postcard ca 1950s

This late 1950’s postcard of The Guernsey Cow is open for bids on eBay right now. The cars really give the postcard it’s ‘classic’ feel along with the 50 gallon drum trash can and oil stains in the parking spots.

[Update June 13: The final selling price for this postcard was $47.99! That’s the first time I’ve seen one of these go that high. Usually they end up less than $12.]


From time to time we’ll post photos of Guernsey Cow memorabilia. And from time to time we’ll post a link to memorabilia currently for sale on eBay by various collectors and antiquers out there. See the postcard below being sold by someone in Shrewsbury, PA. I’ve bought several of these over the years on eBay. Click the image to see the eBay listing.cow_linenpostcard