New Book on West Whiteland Township & Township Anniversary Events

West Whiteland Township (Images of America): Janice Wible Earley: 9781467122917: AmazonSmile: Books2015-02-1407-48-37Readers may be interested in a new book out this week about West Whiteland by Janice Earley of the township’s historical commission.

It features chapters with lots of photos and images on The Battle of the Clouds, Richard Downing’s personal letters of his life in West Whiteland in the 1850s, The Guernsey Cow, and the Valley Creek Coffee House and much more.

If you’re local, it’s available at Chester County Book Company  and other local bookstores and also available online.

Janice will be presenting the book during the township’s 250th anniversary celebration at The Chester County Library in Exton on February 26 2015. You can register for two free events that day: an ice cream social and Janice’s presentation of the history of the township in images. You can register for these events here.