Selling Fresh Pulled Sweet Corn

Selling Sweet Corn in Exton

My grandfather works on his signage while my mother looks on. The makeshift produce table is set up on the lawn alongside Sleepy Hollow Hall on the west side of The Guernsey Cow parking lot. This was taken probably around 1940.

Note: Years later — make that decades later — my siblings and I were hired by my grandfather to pick up rocks and gravel in that yard, filling many 5-gallon buckets. I don’t recall how much we earned; it was probably more than the 25 cents he was getting for a dozen ears back in 1940. But not much more.

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2 thoughts on “Selling Fresh Pulled Sweet Corn”

  1. Excellent blog and great photos! Would love to see some views of the surrounding area as well including the rt 30/rt 100 intersection and the old Exton Drive-In.

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