2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Guernsey Cow”

  1. Our family was very close to the Polite’s. In fact we lived next door to Larry and Gladys when they moved from “Sleepy Hollow”. In fact Larry rented Sleepy Hollow to my Dad for an office.
    When my Mom was tired of making dinner for my brother and I we’d always suggest a trip to the Cow instead of laboring over the stove. My favorite sandwich was the Jr. Club. My favorite ice cream was mint choc. chip, altho we always had at least three flavors in our freezer at all times. My Mom’s favorite was Butter brickle.
    I remember when Joe paid my brother $15 and all the ice cream he could eat to re-design the cover of the menu. he took the deal, and has been selling his art ever since.
    Space doesn’t permit to relate all the Cow, Polite and Willie stories… it was simpler and better time.
    Thanks for trip down memory lane.

  2. Glad you found the site, Jim, and thanks for leaving your thoughts. Keep coming back and feel free to leave more thoughts and memories. That’s why I put this together!

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